Our furniture has a 24-month warranty, but each customer will be interested in having the goods serve longer. Therefore, we offer you furniture use and handling guidelines, which will help you extend their lifetime.
Of course, the most important rule will be to use the furniture according to its functional purpose. It is just as important to protect furniture surfaces from mechanical damage. Weight load should be distributed evenly on surfaces, particularly on shelves. It is important to keep in mind a maximum permissible load for different furniture elements, for example, the max load for drawers is around 10/20 kg, for glass shelves it is up to 5 kg, clothes hangers on average can handle the weight up to 10-15 kg. It is recommended for large and heavy furniture to be secured to the wall with special attachments that can be purchased in specialised shops.

The furniture must be protected from excessive humidity and temperature variations. For everyday care it is better to use soft dry fabric cloth. For larger stains you can use a damp rag, followed by the dry one, as well as using special furniture care products. The optimum operating temperature of the furniture ranges from +10 to +35 degrees Celsius. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to products and use heat insulating pallets under hot objects.

In the case of soft furniture care, it should be recalled that stains should be better cleaned immediately after their occurrence, large amounts of water and chemical products should not be used, and, if possible, use professional dry cleaning services.

In the care of soft furniture, much is determined by fabric material. For example, delicate fabrics, such as vellum, velvet and plush, will require special attention. Dust and dirt should be better removed with a soft brush oppose to a vacuum cleaner. Stains must not be washed directly on the furniture, but a cloth or piece of fabric must be used to soak up the dirt. Furniture from natural and eco leather should not be placed near heat sources, direct sunlight should be avoided, and for cleaning a soft wet rag would be the best choice.

For other fabric types, it is recommended to use a soft brush for dry cleaning, but in case of using the vacuum cleaner maximum power should be avoided. The casings will also be major helpers in extending the lifetime of the furniture. During sleep, it is recommended that you use a top mattress on the sofa in order to protect surface from deformation and thus extend the lifetime of the sofa. The Flex Top mattress can be used for this purpose.  

It may seem to be a lot of rules, but the main thing you need to remember is that if you want to extend the lifespan of the furniture, gentle care and use of the goods according to their instructions are upmost important.